Only a few people are changing of their own accord, because they aspire to a meaningful new assignment. Some are changing, because they expect an advancement in their career or a higher social status. Most people however are  forced to occupational change by external circumstances. - And this enforced occupational change goes often with severe damages to personal health and self-contentment. The ability to permanently reinvent and actively create one’s own    career is becoming increasingly important in a society where constant change is the only constant. To actively change one’s own career however, some self-guidance and self-management competencies are required. Based on my long-lasting  experiences as HR-manager I support people to build up these competencies and provide advice on how to  actively create and advance their career in the following fields:

  • Separation from the employer: Analyses of reasons for separation; check and negotiation of severance contract and package; preparation, check and evaluation of references

  • Occupational Repositioning: - Reflection of career development in the past; mobilisation of future-oriented energies; profiling  of a strengths; detecting   possible fields of professional activities in the future; determining possible positions of choice; determining projected target salary / remuneration.

  • Consulting on start ups of new businesses

  • Personnel marketing on one’s own account: - Developing a competency profile based on professional achievements in the past; planning the process of  application; developing professional application documents: - Curriculum Vitae, references, letter of application; building and mobilising of professional networks; conducting job interviews: - Interview training and preparation, coping with ‘critical questions’

  • Validation of job offers and arrangement of employment contracts.