Facing a shrinking potential of skilled labour and an increasingly ageing workforce companies and organisations need to maintain and even improve their performance and their customer centricity. On the one hand they will need to compensate the brain-drain caused by the increasing retirement of their experienced older employees.  On the other hand they need to take measures to maintain and even improve the employability and productivity of all employees long-lasting and sustainable. Also the internal transfer of know how and experience of older workers as well as the co-operation in cross-generation, age-diverse-teams should be organised systematically and well in advance. I provide consulting services for commercial companies, organisations and institutions on how to adjust their business models and their HR–Management towards a sustainable customer centricity under the special consideration of demographic trends. Objective of the consultation process are concrete and hands on recommendation to improve their “Demographic Fitness” and to safeguard their sustainable business success. My consulting services include:

  • Adjustment of business model and HR-strategy based on the analyses of demographic change trends of market-, costumer- and workforce-structures.

  • Analyses of prevailing age-images in an organisation’s culture. Planning and deployment of cultural change processes towards an age-accepting company culture.

  • Analyses of the age-structure of the workforce resulting in a long-term  personnel planning approach.

  • Attracting, retaining and integrating highly qualified specialised employees and executives through strategic personnel-marketing.

  • Development of an age-appropriate career-planning.

  • “Salutogentic” design of age-appropriate working conditions.

  • Deployment of an occupational health management system to maintain workability, employability and productivity of the workforce long-lasting and sustainable. 

  • Deployment of measures to maintain and improve employee engagement and productivity.

  • Training of executives in coping successfully with ageing workforces and in leading cross generation, age-diverse-teams.

  •  Lectures and workshops and events on the subjects of “Strategic HR-Management”, “Sustainability” and „Meeting the challenges of demographic change in companies and organisations“.